Avoid these common Bridal makeup mistakes

Do not be just another run-of-the-mill bride and avoid these common beauty blunders to achieve that dreamy wedding look.


Yes! Applying makeup can be tricky sometimes and if not done right, especially on your wedding day, be prepared for the hashtags like #makeupgonewrong #ugliestbrideever in near future. Well, that’s a nightmare, right? No woman wants to make a beauty mishap ever in her life, but never is the horror of a beauty blunder greater than on her D-day. Ok! I guess, enough with the dramatics. Nobody is looking like a MADE-UP bride, at least under our watch. All it takes is a nifty bridal makeup artist, just the right beauty products, your beautiful smile dear bride-to-be and voila! You are pretty-ready for your D-Day.

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Whether you’re a soon bride-to-be or you’re simply envisaging of your dream wedding look, follow these tips to look your best on your wedding day by avoiding these criminal beauty mistakes:

Avoid looking like a Christmas tree: It is true, you must look dazzling at your wedding day, but at the same time ‘natural’ should be the keyword for balance. While most women are preferring minimal or the no make-up look in their daily routines, the minute the words ‘bridal makeup’ pops up, it suddenly becomes all about too melodramatic eyes, oodles of base makeup and exaggerated hairstyles.

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Excessive of everything is bad, remember!! In fact, it’s also time you tone down the powder compact. Don’t dab multiple layers of it all over your face, instead, just use it on your nose and forehead to remove excess oiliness. The makeup should be long lasting, smudge proof and light weight all at the same time.

Not asking for makeup trials: Until and unless you have an ancestral makeup artist, make sure to try few of the best bridal makeup artists around you. Even your BFF might have recommended one to you, but do not forget to take a trial, because no is the same. What may look good on your friend might turn out to be your biggest nightmare.

Also, make sure to take ample of photos – the look you desire, your wedding dress, jewellery, etc. etc. along with you, to make sure you and your stylist are on the same page. In fact, click a picture of the look that you achieved after your trial as safety measures and to avoid any confusion on the D-day.

Not balancing out your body and face: It’s equally important to even out your arms, back and décolletage, matching it up to your face complexion. Make sure to wear waterproof/smudge proof makeup on your body even if it’s only foundation.

The curious case of sticks, stains and glosses: Some of you might not know the difference between them, that is why get your basics right (well, this just doesn’t apply only to your lips makeup, but overall. Ask your makeup person to spell out the entire beauty lingo beforehand for you – what is 3D, airbrush makeup or any other mumbo-jumbo there is to be known.)

If we particularly talk about your luscious lips, then we say go with bold and vibrant lip stains instead of lipsticks and glosses (keep them for your daily routines) to avoid smearing it all over your face or leaving marks on everyone and everything you kiss.

No experiments, REPEAT, NO EXPERIMENTS: You might have been the rule breaker all your life, but D-day is not the day to me messed up with. Do not experiment with your hairstyle or colour, no skin treatments just days before your wedding or do not wear accessories like fake eyelashes and lenses on the wedding day if you haven’t tried them before. All these experiments must be tried at least three months prior to the wedding, to get ample time for rectifications.                                                                                         

Keep this list handy and we assure you, you will look flawless on your wedding day. Congratulations!

About the Author: Richa Sahni, Feature Writer and Blogger, www.planyourwedding.co.in