Arranged Marriages And The Oh So Important First Meeting Conversation

Arranged marriage can be a nightmare for modern people but still in this modern India, the concept of arranged marriage exists and is flourishing continuously.  Arranged marriage in India has been an ancient tradition which is still carried on today. The traditional and conservative families find arranged marriages as the only sensible way to marry their children.


However, the modern generation finds this concept bizarre and illogical. How can one spend their whole life with a complete stranger whom you have met just once or twice? It is a valid point which is also asserted as the major drawback of arranged marriage. In Indian arranged marriage the parents, elders or guardians of a girl or boy finds a perfect match after looking for certain factors like reputed family status, age, qualifications, looks, financial status etc.

Why is Arranged Marriage Not A Bad Idea Either?

While we prefer to opt for love marriage first. However, if unfortunately you fail to find a companion for yourself then you will have no option left but go to matrimonial sites which is no different than an arranged marriage. So, arranged marriage is not so bad after all as it also has a special and good process of finding a match by your elders who love you and most importantly know you since your childhood.

One of the advantages of arranged marriages is that you will have the support and blessings of your family at every step unlike love marriage. This is because there will be minimal chances of arguments or discord. It is your parents responsibility to bring you a suitable match but after this they leave it on you. In some families you are given one chance to meet your prospective partner to decide whether you can spend the rest of life with him/her or not. You are lucky if your family gives you more than one chances to be sure about the other person as not everyone gets this chance.


Once you are sure about that ONE, just get ready to dive into the sea of preparations. From wedding mandap designs to shopping for jewellery and clothes it will all be worth it. Take your cousins or hang on to your best friend and get ready for the wonderful journey for your D-day. But, buy yourself some time first and head on to the first meeting.

For your first meeting, the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself with a lot of confidence and have some questions beforehand to ask. You shouldn’t ask others what to ask your prospective partner instead you should think about your priorities first. What do you aspire from life? What are your priorities in life? For example, if your an ambitious woman who always keep her work and career first then you need to ask the other person that will he be okay with this.

Knowing about the lifestyle of the other person is also very important so that you get a picture of your future that how you two will get along. Don’t let the other person feel that you are asking too many questions instead make it a friendly conversation where both of you are just trying to know more about each other. Listen to the other person carefully and cross question him to check if he/she really means what he/she is saying. Try to meet him more as one meeting may not be enough. You can request your parents for more meetings if you think that there are chances of compatibility between you two.

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