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A wedding planner- you must have heard of this species being employed in lavish and grand weddings of celebrities, industrialists or even politicians. But what does he/she do and is it really that expensive to hire him.

Wedding Planning

In simple terms, a wedding planner is the one who takes charge- he organizes everything, and anything related to wedding. When you were little, you must have seen your parents, cousins, grandparents and even their friends take up some responsibility or the other to ensure you the event takes place. You must have understood the magnitude and the scale of such an event- it is easily the largest function of its type in most families. But as people have increased their purchasing powers and have now become more focused on work, they have less time to do such activities. People want things to happen fast and preparing for some wedding months in advance is not such a great idea. It only leads to greater costs and a lot f headache. This is exactly where a wedding planner comes in. You can trust him to make all efforts to save your money and time. Although it is wrongfully assumed that a wedding planner leads to extended costs, it is not true. As he is an expert in catering his services according to your budget, he saves your money in the end. From hiring suppliers, decorators, caterers, International Artist and even the pandit, he only looks for your benefit.

In short, he has the following tasks. He understands all the events – not just the wedding day itself, but also the rehearsal dinner, small functions here and there, day after brunches, and any other related events.Review the overall budget and make sure everything fits into that. One of the most important thing he has to do is to Understand the style, colors, vibe, and taste of the couple. This is imperative to make the wedding as unique as possible. Discuss progress at different points of time to ensure that everything is in place and there are no last moment hiccups.

He ensures that everything runs smooth on your wedding day. You definitely don’t want to be the one dealing with setting things up on your wedding day. Making sure the cake is delivered on top, the favors get placed at each placesetting, and that adorable ribbon chandelier you made gets hung. Not only that, but what about when it comes time for your wedding to *actually* happen? Who’s going to tell you when it’s time to leave for your ceremony, or when to cut your cake?

It is very common for people to say, “Oh my goodness, I don’t know what I would do without you!” Looking back some of those couples weren’t even sure if they needed a wedding planner . But it was mostly just because they didn’t realize all of the things that a planner does.

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