A wedding that everyone will talk about

Are you bored already with the plain old DJs and the choreographed performances? Just like me, everywhere you go, people are doing the same thing? Do you wish to do something original, something that will blow away the minds of your guest and make you wedding unforgettable for everyone. Well, welcome to the club sister. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, I want people to always talk about how much fun they had at my wedding. And you know what, I think I have finally found out how.

shaadi dance

There is an app that I found, an app which could take entertainment in weddings at a new level. I mean, imagine if one of your best friends or your favourite cousin is not able to attend the party, and yet, you can dance along with him on the dance floor. Or if I could dance along with Michael Jackson. Gosh! What a wedding would that be.

Not only will I be able to dance with anybody I want to, but it will ensure that everybody dances and with a smile on their faces. I have been to too many wedding parties where people are hesitant to go on the dance floor without the liquid courage or without a person dragging them to the floor. People dance without any inhibition only after there are a ton of people on the dance floor. I don’t want that. Even if I am busy in a ritual and probably having a nervous breakdown, I want everyone else to have fun. This dance activity will kill all that hesitation on the dance floor. Take it from my personal experience, for even though I love dancing, I am also a shy person; so whenever there is music playing near me, inside I am dying to go and dance, but I waste too much time hesitating and by the time I am starting to enjoy the dancing, the party is already over. That’s where the app comes in. When the app is playing all you can focus on is the virtual person on screen.

It’s a dance game where you see yourself and and a Virtual 3D character (your favourite cousin or celebrity) on a big screen and you dance along with them copying their moves. The beauty of this game is that everyone could dance at the same time and to your favourite songs. It is a fully immersive experience something no one will ever forget. I saw this at one of the Asia’s biggest tech fest: Techkriti 2018 at IIT Kanpur, in March this year and I was simply blown away by the experience of it. I love dancing at weddings and there it hit me that this is what I want to do at the wedding of my cousin which is coming up in January 2019.

We could create a dance off between the groom side and the bride side, or between boys and girls. Or I would love have Virtual Diljit Dosanjh on screen, who by the way is my cousin’s favourite celebrity, so that she can dance along with him. Just imagine the possibilities. Imagine if you want to have a theme party, like I want to do a Harry Potter theme wedding, how cool will it be if I could dance with my favourite character, which is Hermione Granger. It will a dream come true.

Now the question is how you get this app. Well there is a company called Let’s Dance, based in New Delhi that is doing this in India right now. This is their Augmented Reality Dance app. They were the one who showcased this app at Techkriti 2018. This app was simply amazing. DO check it out and tell me what you thought of it?

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