A Quick Guide To Floral Design For Event Planners

The decoration of the venue for an event makes the first impression on the attendees. With the growing variety of options for the planners, events are becoming increasingly unique. While numerous items make a beautifully decorated venue, flowers are the best way to innovate with the venue decoration. Floral designs involve some of the most important decisions for event planners. If the venue has to look good, it must have an attractive floral arrangement.


There are so many ways you can create one of its kind decors with flowers. Choose a color theme or make a seasonal impression or create the right mood, floral designs can make any venue look truly memorable. A floral decoration includes centerpieces, blooms, garlands, and bouquets, alongside flower spreads. The decisions regarding the perfect floral decoration, however, rest upon a number of factors. If you are an event planner looking to find the best ways of choosing a floral design, then read ahead and find all the answers.


1.   Architecture and Seating

The first thing you need to consider while choosing the floral design is the architecture of the venue. The architectural details of the place will help you design your decoration. Look for floral patterns on the ceilings, if any. Pillars can also be decorated with flowers and leaves in closed venues. Similarly, open venues will have different floral arrangements. Think of creative ideas to make the most of the venue’s architecture and create a unique floral design.

An important point to consider alongside this process is the seating plan for the guests. The floral decorations should in no way hinder the guests’ view of the main event. Consider both these factors together to come up with a good design.

2.   Pricing and Budget

Every event planner works on a budget. The cost of the floral decoration has to be as per the client’s budget requirements. It is, therefore, very important to consider the prices of the flowers before creating the design. In fact, you should always start with making a list of flowers that are purchasable as per the budget. It will make things much easier for you to plan a design.

Flowers are available in different price categories. Peonies, tulips, and orchids, for instance, fall in the expensive category. Seasonal flowers such as lilacs and daffodils, on the other hand, are available at reasonable prices. Pick out the price category that you wish to use for the centerpiece, the bouquets, the spread, and more.

3.   Theme and Colors

Any floral design pretty much entirely depends on the theme of the event. Different flowers convey different moods. From romantic to sassy to emotional to warm, you can create any mood for an event with the right floral decoration. Apart from setting the right mood, flowers create the perfect visual atmosphere as well. An event’s theme is primarily based on a color, and you have to choose the flowers accordingly. They help you add the perfect flavor to the event.

A summer-themed wedding can have sunflowers along with tulips. An event like a Christmas dinner can have the seasonal flowers to create the desired mood.

4.   Choice of Flowers

In addition to setting the theme and mood of the event, flowers carry varied symbolic meanings as well. The choice of flowers differentiates a wedding from a memorial or any other event, for that matter. Tropical flowers are the most suitable for a beach wedding while carnations will fit the bill for a celebration of an anniversary. Peonies are symbols of romance and look great for engagement. Poinsettias, on the other hand, are good for a Christmas party. On the whole, the choice of flowers conveys the spirit of the celebration or the event.

5.   Time and Arrangements

A very important factor in this discussion is that of time. It takes a substantial amount of time and efforts for the florists to prepare the floral setup for the entire venue. If not given the adequate amount of time, a well-planned design can also go haywire. Therefore, communicate with your client regarding the timings. At the same time, make sure you interact with the florists regarding all the arrangements for the decor.

A floral decoration involves a number of arrangements. The florists will get the flowers and cut them. They also put wires on them to make them suitable for decoration. As an event planner, it is important for you to understand a florist’s job and give them the right time to finish it. This is a key point for successfully creating a beautiful floral decoration.

It would be no exaggeration to say that flowers are the locus of attraction in any venue decoration. Event planners can create magic with a floral design. Whole Blossoms is here to help you with all your needs for an event’s flower decoration. Choose from a variety of flowers and avail them at the best prices to make your event unforgettable.





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