A Peep into the World of Wedding Sarees

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Wedding gowns are crucial to Western brides;sarees are the same for the Indian brides. No matter in which part of the world the marriage takes place, if it is done in Indian style, then the bride is sure to wear a saree.  While white is the universal color of wedding gowns, wedding sarees can be of any color except black. When selecting wedding sarees, you can go to any extent with colors provided it matches with your complexion. A combination of colors can also be thought about.  Indeed, the saree shop is also an important consideration.

Color selection is vital

The choice of color for wedding sarees is also very important in the context of Indian weddings.  Since there are different cultures and traditions, each culture has its own color choices. Therefore, the choice of color will depend on which part of India you belong to. The choice has to be made from the range of permissible colors of that region. It is interesting that a color that may be liked in one region could be out of favor in some other parts of the country. The choice of color will also drive the choice of fabrics and design.

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Aligning it with the theme

The wedding custom and rituals have evolved with time. Despite being traditional, these have been greatly modified to suit the needs of modern day. Lengthy sessions of rituals have been shortened and even theme weddings are being organized. In such cases, the selection of sarees, especially its color has to be aligned with the theme of the wedding. This would add more appeal and charm to the wedding attire that brings out your inner beauty.

Matching it up

In order to look your best on the wedding day, you need to complement your saree design with matching boat neck blouse design.  Not having the blouse of the right design can spoil your appearance. Selection of proper jewelries is also critical to make you most beautiful. Therefore, on the wedding day, you should be equally attentive to every aspect of the dressing and not on the saree alone. No matter how gorgeous and costly the saree might be, unless it is properly supported by jewelries and accessories, it can lose a lot of its appeal.

Wedding saree designs

Diversity is the beauty of Indian culture that is also reflected in wedding sarees.  Heavily embroidered, ornamented red Banarasi sarees are favorite among brides from Bengal. The choice extends up to the regions of Central and North India’s eastern borders.  In the North Eastern parts, encompassing the region of Assam, local silk is the chosen fabric. The sarees emulate the Kerala style of two piece construction with a lower and upper part to be worn separately. Moirangfee is a variety of wedding saree that is used by some of the tribals of the North East.

Wedding sarees are timeless memories that need careful preservation. Dry cleaning methods have to be adapted for enhancing the longevity of wedding sarees that are often passed down generations.

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