A Peep into The Modern & Trendy Wedding Photography Styles

A detailed planning always works with respect to any important task. In case of photography backdrop for a wedding, understanding in-depth about various styles is important to choose the final one. This article offers insight into the major forms of photographic styles, which are in vogue this wedding season!

It is a must to have beautiful wedding photographs, which serve as a memento of the new beginning and create an everlasting testimony of the special event. There are dozens of emotions expressed on a wedding day, which is to be snapped by the photographer in an elegant way. A decade ago, there was hardly any news on photography styles and every photographer was taught to be a right fit for the task. The trends have changed in terms of photography, and in the present world, there are well-qualified, artistic and knowledgeable photographers available to capture the loving, fun, and candid moments of the wedding day.

Wedding arrangements are to be done after a careful research and comprehensive planning so that the ultimate result is close to perfection. The thought applies to the wedding photography concept as well. Prior to hiring a photographer, indulging into the concept plays a vital role. To start with, one needs to know about specific styles of photography before choosing the right photographer for the task. The major photography styles popular in the industry are:

  • Dramatic or editorial photography
  • Artistic photography
  • Documentary or reportage photography
  • Lifestyle photography

Dramatic style photography explained

It is fundamentally a part of fashion photography wherein photographs are captured in creative angles to result in dramatic and visual shots. The wedding photographers will trigger high dramatic mood during the shoot and instill light for the substance to capture impactful pictures. Further, there is lot of editing involved to add more feel in the snaps. The couples can expect bold and magazine quality of wedding photographs.

Artistic photography in detail

The couples can expect fantasy or romantic pictures of their wedding with artistic style. The result looks effortless, effervescent, and exciting wherein the love between the bride and groom overflows from the portraits. The couple can have a memorable time while being shot under artistic wedding photography as the fun element is multi-fold. The pictures will refresh the memories of the wedding even after years of the wedding day and ignite the love sparks again.

Understanding documentary photographic style

It is the most opted style for wedding, which requires professional level wedding photographers for flawless and attention to detail work. It is not the posed form for photography and every image captured is real and natural. The style is popular since decades and recently it is also given the name of candid photography. The photographer’s team has to be on toes to capture every emotional, crazy, and worth watching moment not just of the couple but of the guests too.

Lifestyle photography for a wedding

One can expect timeless and most sophisticated pictures of the couple with concoction of modern touch. The lifestyle photography is a free-flowing process wherein the personality of the couple is triggered and then captured by the photographer. The photographer will make sure that natural looks of the couple are shot minus the staged look factor.

Selection of a Right Wedding Photographer

Once the style of wedding photography is confirmed, the next step is to find a perfect photographer who should hold the expertise of the chosen style.For instance, wedding photographers in Mumbai must be well aware about the rituals and traditions of Maharashtrian Wedding, so choice also has to be made by looking into their comfortability. Few critical elements to consider while hiring the wedding photographer are:

  1. Go through Instagram and other social medial profiles of the photographer to know the style and quality.
  2. A personal meeting with the photographer is a must to discuss in detail.
  3. Go through the testimonials.
  4. Go for a trial shoot, if it is possible.

Be attentive and enjoy your wedding photography shoots with your beloved once!