8 Tips for Planning an Awesome Road Trip Honeymoon

Imagine two people cruising the open road and driving into the sunset holding hands while empty soda cans flicker in the wind behind them. If you think this is romantic, it could easily be you and your new spouse! So, forget about expensive getaways and crowded resorts and opt for a road trip honeymoon! No matter where you live, you can organize a dream road trip that will let you celebrate your love and bring you even closer as a couple. Here are our best planning tips for the newlyweds.


The destination is the key

One of the most important tips towards a great road trip honeymoon is picking the right location. Make sure to pick a route that is unique, cool or even personal to you in a way. Consider your individual passions as well. For instance, if you’re history buffs, opt for a destination full of interesting sites. Or if you love nature, make sure to choose scenic roads and plenty of raw nature experiences. Also, you don’t have to visit well-known sites. Try to tread the unbeaten path and create unique memories!

Spread your horizons

If you already picked your destination, try to learn as much as you can about the area and the surrounding cities and towns as well as those on the way. Visiting those side-locations can only make your trip more interesting!

Think about your budget

Even though having a road trip honeymoon is the friendliest choice for your budget, you’ll still have to do some light planning. You’ll need money for accommodation, fuel, food and drinks, souvenirs and things you’re bringing with you. You might even consider investing in some new wheels and celebrate your purchase with a road trip! So, make sure to set your priorities straight and don’t blow your budget too early in the trip.

Get a good ride

You can’t have a good road trip without a good car. So, make sure to get an appropriate ride for your honeymoon trip. For instance, if you love to explore unpaved roads and spend time in nature, getting an SUV might be a perfect choice for you. They usually have plenty of horsepowers, a 4-wheel-drive and plenty of space to pack all your necessities. However, if you’re more interested in visiting cities, you can pull through even with a convertible.

Plan your driving time

If you’re one of those couples who love an open road, you’ll be fine with 8-hour drives at a time. But, some people can’t sit still for more than 3 hours! So, check with your spouse and make a good plan that will not drive you mad!

Divide tasks

You must know your significant other’s strengths and passions by now, so make sure to use them on the road. If you know your wife is great with directions, let her be in charge of the route. On the other hand, if your husband loves to save money, put him in charge of finding cheap gas prices, affordable restaurants and thrifty accommodation along the way. When you combine your strengths, your trip will be smooth and stress-free!

Don’t hesitate to splurge on luxury

No matter how thrifty you like to be, don’t hesitate to treat yourselves to some luxury! For instance, get a nice honeymoon suite, splurge on fancy restaurants or get a couple’s spa treatment after a long day behind the wheel. After all, it’s your special vacation, so make sure to indulge!

Pack your necessities

If you know you’ll be having your road trip in advance, don’t be shy to add some necessities on your wedding registry. A digital camera, camping gear, new luggage or car additions can all come very handy on your road trip, but in the future as well. Also, don’t forget to pack enough comfy clothes, sunscreen and a few formal pieces for those couple nights out.

Once you start your engine and depart on your trip, make sure to take plenty of photos and bring back many souvenirs. You’ll certainly cherish every little thing you experience and remember everything you see on your honeymoon road trip with your better half.