7 wedding must-haves you DON’T need

Every article you read to help you during the planning ofyour wedding has a list of “must haves” now let have a look at those must haves and see if they really are as important as the people claim.


Bachelor parties

I know how much the media has reinforced the concept through movies and actors having these off the top parties, but sit down, breathe and give it a thought are these parties important? I mean, if you don’t get one will that make marrying the person you’re marrying any less magical? So why waste a load of money that you don’t have to. Just because it is a cultural thing that we hang on to without thinking that it doesn’t matter.

 Band for the wedding

Do you really need a band? I mean, if you’ve got money to throw around I guess that’s your choice, but for the rest of the world a wedding band is not that big of a deal. Why do we have phones? You could make a playlist download all the songs you want and just hook your phone up to the speakers and have beat.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors?! I mean everyone did just come they did eat what’s the point of making custom-made wedding favors. Nobody cares, and if someone does end up making a snarky comment, you just know who was there to be a part of your special day or your happiness and who was they to fill their stomachs.

 A dance floor

A dance floor? Why can’t you dance on a regular floor? What does a floor have to do with dancing? Once a beat comes on, I can start dancing anywhere, and I think that’s how it is for most of the people.I can get on a table and dance if the music is dope and if had a drink or two. Who cares if you don’t have a dance floor. It’s the fun you have that matters, dropping a ton load of money on a dance floor can ruin your fun.

Rehearsal dinners

I’m pretty sure your guests are grown-up they do know how to attend a wedding rehearsal? What do you think can go wrong a guest my forget how to spoon in their mouth? Someone might forget how to dance? The bride might forget how to walk? It’s nothing but a waste of money and if  something does go a bit south, its life! Life isn’t perfect its imperfection makes it what it is marrying the person you want is the greatest feeling that one can have if everything isn’t perfect accept it because no matter how many rehearsals you have you’ll be facing something you didn’t plan for.

Weekend wedding

It’s not necessary that you have a weekend wedding no matter what you do, you can never please everyone, and it’s your day who wants to be there, will take off and who can’t ten it’s okay it’s not like your wedding will suffer. Yes, they’ll have to take a day off it, not like the world would crash and burn without them. If they can’t, make it its okay, you should understand and they should too, that you had your problems to sort out to get a day that you could agree on and so do they.

A wedding website

A wedding website? Seriously? It might be hard to believe, but a lot of people aren’t that frequent internet users. Your grandparents your older uncles and aunts and even if they are, they can’t use it that well. So what’s the point of it anyways. Everything you want the people to know should be on the invitations.

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Ilse Franckaert is the mother of two little boys and is an amazing wedding planner .She is obsessed with wedding traditions and all the customs. She regularly post at https://www.temploola.com .