6 smart makeup hacks for brides

1. Who doesn’t need a better and a brighter smile, we all want our bridal photos to be epic and our smile to be flawless so what can we do to get the results that we desire. Baking Soda! Yeah, yeah, I know all of you must be thinking here goes another blogger with some homemade remedies, but trust me this works and gives you those pearly white that can shine.

1Looking at all those models and actors slaying their bridal looks we all want a piece of the cake and before you go ahead and have a procedure done it doesn’t hurt to use this. You will be surprised and a save a lot of money for other makeup products that you want.

2. Who doesn’t want those full pouty lips, but Alas! We can’t have all that we want. Have a look around before you undergo the knife for that, peppermint oil might just do the trick.


One drop can make your lip plump and give you that look. Another trick is that put in into your touch up lip gloss.

3. Being a bride you can’t just whip out a deo. Another big problem that brides face is sweating! It’s normal to sweat out of anxiety, but you need to smell good for the big day.

1A good way to keep the scent you should apply Vaseline after applying perfume so that it makes a layer that doesn’t let the perfume to escape.

4. Touch-ups are a major part of your day and if you’re not good at your makeup you should have your touch-up makeup videos saved in your phone.

1On your big day you can’t run around after a friend and the makeup artist all the time you need to know how to touch up your look.

5. Brides normally don’t get their sleep and puffy eyes can become a big problem. Well, fear no more two tea bags can do the trick and not only is it good for puffy eyes but also for dark circles.  1

6. Oily skin is a big problem for brides as it leads to make up being peeled off and no bride would want that on her big day.The chances of that happening if you don’t use waterproof products is a lot.


Don’t use face wash a lot before your big day as it may deprive you of some essential oils so stick to normal face products.

7. Lip hydration is another issue brides face, especially winter brides before applying lipstick make sure that your lips are hydrated so that your lipstick doesn’t crack.

1I sincerely hope that these tips help you on your big day.If you’re about to get married anytime soon I wish for you a lot of happiness and love. Keep these hacks in your pocket and you my girl will slay.

jane williams

Author Bio: Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at http://styledowntheaisle.net/

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