5 Tips For Finding Your Wedding Dress On A Budget

For many people, the wedding dress is the main star of the big day. Sure, the cake is important and so is the venue and plenty of other things, but the dress is what the majority of people will remember. After all, it’s going to be immortalised, isn’t it?

You’ll see it all the wedding photos and you might even pass it down to future generations, so in short, the wedding dress is very important. But let’s be honest they are very expensive, aren’t they? While research shows the average cost of a wedding dress has dropped, it’s still around £800 so it’s still pretty expensive for the majority of people.

But while it might seem impossible you can get a good wedding dress on a budget! There are a few ways you can go about doing this and I’ am going to share my five tips for finding your dream dress on a budget.

Shop Smart

While you might head straight to a bridal shop to try dresses on you can usually find much more budget-friendly dresses on the high street. Shops like Topshop and Debenhams might not be your first thought for a place to find a wedding dress but they each have their own bridal ranges!

You should also check out local charity shops wedding dresses aren’t exactly commonplace, but you never know you might see some. The internet is also a great place to check for donations as well Oxfam, for example, have their own bridal section on their website. Plus, there’s always websites like eBay and Gumtree it might take a bit longer, but you will find an amazing wedding dress sooner or later.

Go ForA Different Colour

Yes, I know it’s the classic and traditional choice, but a wedding dress doesn’t have to be white does it? In fact, a quick search on the internet will bring up many amazing wedding dresses that have a more unusual colour and plenty of big name brands have experimented with more unusual and quirky colours.

By opting for a more unusual colour you can really save a lot of money and still look great! A different colour might even look better, after all, while white is a relatively neutral colour it might not compliment your skin tone or match the theme you have in mind. You don’t have to go wild either sometimes just opting for a colour a few shades darker or lighter could save you a lot of money.

Go For Something Different

Carrying on from my last tip you don’t just have to settle for a different colour you could even opt for a completely different outfit. After all, it’s your special day so you can wear whatever you like, can’t you?

This might even work out better for you if you want a less formal wedding service, for example, if you’re planning to get married outdoors or on a beach then a more lightweight dress will be more comfortable. You shouldn’t be afraid to break tradition because your wedding should be unique to you, so remember do it your way.

Search Out Sample Dresses

If you have your heart set on a traditional, luxury wedding dress from a bridal boutique but would still like to do it on a budget then great news you can! But you will need to be patient because it might take a little time, so what do you need to do? Simple, you just wait for a sample sale at a boutique, sample dresses are the dresses boutiques offer for people to try on.

This stock is rotated every so often and when it is bridal boutiques will sell the sample dresses, these sales will often be advertised well in advance but don’t be afraid to inquire at your local bridal shops for information on their next sales. The dresses might be slightly worn but they’ll still be in great condition and you might find the dress of your dreams for a bargain price.

Rent Your Dress

While some people love the idea of having their wedding dress to pass on to future generations or would like to keep it as a memento of their wedding day, the fact is you’re likely only going to be wearing it, once aren’t you? So, rather then spend a big slice of your budget on a dress you could just rent it instead.

Many bridal boutiques will offer rental services but if you’re having trouble finding something local, there are plenty of online renting services you can utilise as well. By renting a wedding dress you can still enjoy the luxury and finery of an expensive dress but for a fraction of the price. So, if you’re happy to just have your wedding dress for the big day then renting is always a great option for brides on a budget.

Author Bio: This article was written by Linda Beacom, owner of Serendipity Bridal Boutique. She believes that the perfect wedding dress is out there for every bride no matter what their budget.

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