5 Must Have Makeup Items for Bride to Be

Wedding is the most precious event of someone’s life. It is every brides dream to look mesmerizing on her special day. But looking good pre and post the event is also really important. Before wedding shopping is the craze and every bride to be shops a lot of expensive makeup stuff that they think are amazing but later on they turn out as waste of money just because they don’t suit her or doesn’t look good. To save you from this fuzz we have assemble a list of makeup products that not only help a bride to be to achieve flawless look on her wedding day but also on her pre and post events of weeding. The list contains makeup products that are must haves for your bridal vanity box.


But before starting I must quote that no matter what makeup you are using skin care must be the first priority. So always keep handy a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen to avoid any damages to skin.


In busy and daily makeup routine primers are much neglected makeup product. No matter for how long your makeup product claims to stay, exposure to sun and pollution resulting in sweating makes it fade away. In addition to this, in wedding events you do not have enough time to retouch your makeup again and again; you want one application to stay longer. Therefore, to make your makeup stay longer it requires a support to stay that is “Primer”. The primer keeps the moisture locked in your skin and act as a barrier for sebum to release as slowly as they can. Soinvest in a good primer to make your makeup last for a day.

Smudge Proof Mascara:

Wedding brings a lot of makeover in. There are few days when the bride wants to wear less makeup but she still has to bring something forward. For those days mascara is the ultimate solution to this problem. Who does not like lush lashes? The answer is everyone. Mascara not only thickens your lashes but also helps in defining your eye shapes. For a bride to be smudge proof mascara woks well because she needs to wear it all day long post marriage to maintain her daily natural look.Click here to see a list of best smudge proof mascara.


Eyebrow Groomers:

What make your eye makeup to the flow are well groomed eyebrows. Well there are various products in form of powders, pencils and gels available in the market. Well these products help in filling the brow however clear mascara is the product that performs the responsibility of hair setter spray for your brows. If you are not good with your hands use wax to shape your brows and make them set in the shape by using clear mascara. To know more about clear mascara’s check this post.

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White Eyeliner:

There are days when the bride really wants to go for a natural look. White eyeliner is an alternative to make your eyes beautiful and bigger. Wedding days are hectic and brides are not able to take proper sleep. Sleep deprivation makes your lash lines red, eyes dull and sleepy. To make your eyes look wide opened you can tight line your lower lashes with white eyeliner to cover redness and to make them appear wide-opened.

Makeup Remover:

Another product that comes at the least priority is makeup remover. Cleansing your face is necessary but using a makeup wipe before that can help you take of your makeup specially when it comes to removing waterproof makeup items. Other than this while your wedding days you need to switch off your makeup (Lipstick) really quick so keep makeup wipes to remove makeup quick and replace it again.

These are the makeup products other than basic items to keep in your vanity box when you are getting married.

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