5 Jaw-Dropping Honeymoon Destinations in Southeast Asia

After the wedding usually follows the honeymoon – a romantic trip where the newlywed can spend time together and far away from all the fuss and chaos of organizing the big event. More and more couples find some exotic destinations more attractive than the usual sightseeing of Europe capitals like Paris and Rome. This is mostly because of the fact that these travels tend to cost more due to the long flights and luxurious accommodations.

So, if you are going on one of the most special travels in your life why not visit Southeast Asia? This area includes mainland and maritime regions with countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and other interesting tourist destinations.


1. Cambodia

Considered to be the perfect romantic getaway, Cambodia is rich with culture and historical monuments which will keep you and your partner interested and immersed in experiencing one of the prized jewels of the Southeast Asia. Besides the gorgeous cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, one of the most valued honeymoon spots here is Sihanoukville. This exotic resort is the home of fairytale beaches and relaxing sounds of the sea. The most famous swimming and leisure location here is Otres Beach with its white sand and marvellous horizon. The Temple of Wat Leu is on the nearby hill and will give you some cultural insights on the Sihanoukville.



The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a amazing honeymoon destination is Bali. Many refer to this destination as a paradise and rightly so. Bali is not a small place to go to and has a great number of cultural and archaeological sites to visit. But when on the honeymoon, there is no better place than the heart of Bali and the town of Ubud. This lavish location will keep you pampered as though you were gods with spa treatments, unique massage techniques, unforgettable art and numerous temples. For more coastal experience, you can choose from various luxury resorts, rent a villa or stay in bigger cities like Kuta or Sanur.


3.Sri Lanka


Whenever you wed, Sri Lanka will be waiting for you. From November to April you can visit the West Coast and from May to October the East. Our choice for the breathtaking honeymoon getaway is Bentota, where the river Bentota Ganga and the sea join creating a magical lagoon. If you thought about sand, warm water and palm trees then you most probably had this private and intimate place in mind. Besides water activities like sailing and diving, you and your partner can enjoy a trip to the Lunuganga gardens, or go on a dolphin and whale watching tour.


Vietnam offers a beautiful and picturesque mountain and forest areas which will create an active adventure for those newlyweds who like to hike and feel the nature. If you want to see something truly remarkable in Vietnam, book a hotel via 1000 trees and head straight to the Da Lat city in the Central Highlands region. What is curious about this place is that the best time to visit is during the monsoon season because that’s when the rains create magnificent waterfalls. Da Lat is surrounded by spectacular pine forests and during the nights the city centre becomes a night market where you can experience the true Vietnamese cuisine and cultural festivities.



The Kingdom of Thailand has been a tourist attraction for a very long time and this field of economy is heavily exploited here. The best-known destination here is Bangkok, but Westerners besides this big city and other cultural and historical attractions like to visit islands in the South. One of those  over 40 is the Ang Thong National Marine Park archipelago – the spot with over 40 islands. You can explore caves, sail in the lagoons or sunbathe on white-sand beaches while on the tour there and come back to your lavish accommodation full of impressions. Thailand is also famous for its many festivals like Phi Ta Khon in Dan Sai or Elephant Round-up in Surin, and beside them, you can visit some of the most representative Buddhist temples.

All in all


Waking up to the sound of the waves with seagulls squawking in the distance or to the smell of evergreen forests carried by the mild wind from behind the waterfalls is only a part of the myriad things to expect from your honeymooning in Southeast Asia. All the natural landscapes and creations will be at your fingertips, and rich and exciting culture will make you fall in love with the customs, cuisine, art and historical heritage of the region.