3 Solutions to Wedding Preparation Dilemmas

There’s nothing more special than someone’s wedding day. For a time when everything is supposed to be perfect, from the wedding food catering to the wedding dress—there’s an undisclosed number of problems that almost always comes up when the big day comes along.

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The preparation that comes with every wedding is not something to scoff at. Keep in mind that a wedding is usually planned several months, years even, in advance. Reservations are made, guests are selected, and every little thing is micromanaged to ensure perfection for the bride and groom.

Sadly, even with the countless hours of preparations and predicting things to happen, there’s bound to be something going wrong at some point. When it happens, the best and most prepared planners use their wit and the resources they have to make the most of the situation.

Since every wedding is unique, chances are you’ll never run into the same problem that another wedding does, but there’s nothing wrong with preparing for the worst. Just take a look at these common dilemmas and their most common solutions!

No Place, Date, and Time is Perfect

Whether you want to hold your wedding in a grand cathedral in the middle of the city, or in a small country chapel by the province, chances are, there are people that would question your choice of wedding destination. Not only that, but even the time and day of your wedding will be under the scrutiny of some people simply because they don’t think it’s convenient for them.

Some of your guests will have to travel far just to participate in your wedding, or worse, there will be guests that you wanted to invite that can’t go because of the place being too far. You have to be okay with this happening. Once you accept that, you then have to deal with the varying opinions of your choice of venue and the date when you plan on holding the wedding.

The solution to making sure that your guests are okay with what you choose is to simply inform them about the reason/s why you decided on it. For example, it could be the city where the bride and groom first met, or their hometown. 


These invitations are meant to be specific and to be taken note of. So, when you send out RSVPs and get something different than what was mentioned, then you’ve got a problem in your hands.

You can run into two problems with RSVPs. First off, an invitation for two might suddenly become for a family of six. Not only is this rather rude to do by the guests, but it’s can very much destroy the budget allocated for food and other giveaways if you let it happen a lot. It might even lead to some problems with the venue if they’re strict with guest counts.

The solution? Be more specific with who and how many you want to invite. Write something that implies that only one or two can come with the RSVP—for example, writing “Mr. and Mrs. Delos Reyes” instead of “The Delos Reyes Family”

Secondly, you might end up with Missing RSVPs not because you lost it, but because they never got returned. this can be very damaging since you have no assurance that some of your guests will or won’t arrive. And the option of preparing a table for those who might arrive is not a very appealing one.

This can easily be solved by contacting your guests one by one and confirming their attendance at your wedding!

 The Nosy Parents

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so the final decision is yours and yours alone. The problem is that’s not necessarily the case for most people, particularly the special kind of parents that really want to be in the thick of things. They would usually end up sharing their opinions or suggesting alternatives to almost everything that you want. Although some of the things they say make sense, keep in mind that it’s your wedding and yes all of their opinions are great, but not all of it will be followed through.

You should make it clear to your parents that you want your wedding to be special in a way that it personifies you. No one else knows you the way you know yourself. Don’t let them stress about the wedding too much and make them just relax and be proud of the person that their daughter/son has become.

Key Takeaway

Every wedding is different. But all of them are designed to be perfect for its participants. Both the bride and groom do a lot in making sure that their wedding is the best and most memorable day of their lives starting from the ceremony, to the wedding’s food catering. Whatever problems you face, be quick-witted, resourceful, and adaptable—and you’ll push through with it!