2019 New Wedding Trends: 5 Big Changes

As nowadays couples are seeking for creative ways to enliven their weddings, it is evident that many old practices for the setting of a wedding ceremony and other related issues do not apply any longer. Despite that, though we know that today’s couples do not conform to norms, our research shows that the ongoing wedding ceremony practices reflect the following trends, which provide you clues about a wedding in 2019.

Wedding Venue Trends

# At the spacious backyard of a relative

Barbeque has become a primary choice for bride and groom in recent years. There is no sign as to when it will cease being one of the leading wedding ceremony forms.  It offers a special cooking experience for the couple right before they get married. Besides, it saves the couple tons of money which would have been spent in paying for expensive catering services. As to how to choose a barbeque venue, in practice many couples rent relatives’ spacious backyards. In order not to bother their relatives too much, the couple is suggested to hire professional catering services which could help with cleaning up the place and taking down equipments. A tent is also needed for those guests who prefer shades.

Family Barbeque

# At the hall of a local brewery

If you plan on a wedding attended by less than 100 guests, you may check out local breweries. Make sure to contact the brewery about important issues such as, whether you are allowed to bring drinks or decorate the venue. When a brewery is elegantly decorated with fresh flowers and greenery, the beautifully set venue will resonate with your eye-catching wedding dresses, making your ceremony one of those that will linger in people’s memories.

# At a Yacht

If you are to have over 1000 guests, renting a cruise would be a brilliant idea. Many cruises today are open to hosting big parties. A cruise package often includes venue rent fees, open bars and other services. Remember to prepare plenty of motion sickness bracelets for guests who are seasick.

Wedding Dessert Trends

As people are increasingly aware of the limits with multi-tiered wedding cakes, such as its high cost and the limitations on its flavors and designs, more and more couples have opted for small dessert bites like cupcakes. Other small bites range from cake pops, churros, mini whoopies and doughnuts and so on. The focus on small bite desserts instead of a giant wedding cake allows the couple to choose desserts of various flavors and styles. It also makes it convenient for guests to carry desserts around or quickly taste them and return to the party.

Another option is to have a small sample wedding cake for the couple to cut and serve the guests with a nicely sliced sheet cake.

wedding dessert trends

Wedding Flower Trends

# Focus on foliage

Wedding bouquet that mostly or entirely consists of greenery has become increasingly popular. Indeed, greenery hanging from ceiling and tables achieve a refreshing look that contrasts with the old-fashioned one centered on flowers. Whatever the reasons behind this trend, if your bride is into foliage, then go for it!

# Dahlias & Ranunculus

In either bud or bloom form, Ranunculus has often been in the spotlight for its multiple layers of petals and vibrant colors. However, a minor change is taking place in 2019. Ranunculus has been paired with dahlias, becoming the new trend for wedding flowers

Despite the aforementioned flower choices, couples could also consider dark color options such as plum or burgundy. Brightly colored flowers such as pale pink roses will fit well in a bouquet dominated by dark colored flowers.

wedding flower trends

Wedding Reception Trends

# Black Accents
Some fashion experts predict that the new chic choice for wedding tablescapes in 2019 would focus on black themes reflected in black centered dining setting.

# Traditions combined with modernity
As in any other fashion area, clean design is always classic. A desire to go with the times motivates many couples to return to traditions for inspirations. Ultimately, some come up with modern style tablescape well balanced with traditional themes.

# Monograms featuring the couple’s initials

Make a monogram consisting of your initials as the logo for your wedding or an icon that both of you agree on. Print it on your wedding invitation cards and the corners of tissues or other places that are appropriate to bear a logo.

wedding receptions trends

Wedding Bands Trends

# Gemstone wedding rings

Recently, the wedding ring (https://www.findurings.com/wedding-bands.html) market has seen an increasing demand for gemstones for wedding rings. This trend does not only reflect a desire to cut the cost for a wedding ring. It might also inform jewel producers that young couples want some colors to disrupt monotonous diamond.

Colored Stone Wedding Bands-1

# Color plated jewelry

Over the years we have seen a rising demand for color plated metals, white and rose gold in particular. More importantly, color-plated metals match platinum and gold very well. The combination of multiple colors produce a new trend: rings of multiple colors.

Mixed Metal Wedding Sets

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