Wedding planning is surely tough and the stress that comes along with it is inevitable. Starting it from the reservation venue of reception till the vows, you have a mountain of preparation tasks to perform. The décor trends for the wedding are shaking things up, thus it is essential to stick with what you would like your reception theme to be. If you are planning your wedding ceremony in 2018, the latest trends are undoubtedly worth your consideration. If you are finding amazingly inspirational ideas for your wedding, the options are endless. Enlisted below are a few trends for outdoor wedding decorations for 2018 that will lead the way for making your big day unforgettable and unique.

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Floral Sign of Welcome

The first thing that your guests are going to see at your wedding is the welcome sign, thus making it the gorgeous one. Chose a lush floral sign of welcome that is going to be placed at the entrance. Pick bold colored flowers to fancy it up or follow the palette of your theme. Such wedding sign will not only make your entrance beautiful, but it will also welcome guests in the most charming way. Flowers are so trendy right now in 2018, thus implementing this idea is a must.

Glowing LED or Neon Lights

The décor trends for the wedding in 2018 are shifting towards radiant and colorful themes and details. One of the boldest ideas to implement is LED or neon lights. You can use these glowing creations in various ways such as the couple name or a catchy phrase. Fairy lights or LED lights in Pakistan are being used for wedding decorations and loved by the guests. Using these you can easily personalize your big day. This will additionally provide a sweet little space for your stunning pictures.

Bold and Dramatic Color Theme

We are almost done with plain white and light pink themes. It is high time to choose bold and dramatic colored themes depending on your mood. Pick colors like black and burgundy or magenta and yellow especially if you are planning your wedding in winter or fall. Combine your theme with details like oversized hang floral arrangements and black marble centerpieces. This theme will look more intimate and romantic when combined with these moody details. Also, turn your wedding cake into a display of lush blooms.

Incorporate Ultra Violet Accents

Just when the ultraviolet color started to be considered as the color of the year 2018, couples started incorporating this purplish hue to their wedding décor. Choose ultraviolet glassware’s and table linens and add small hints of this color into your wedding centerpieces. Add a little gold or creamy color and give it a sophisticated vibe. Incorporate flowers and white backdrops with this color and let your guests get overwhelmed by the theme.

Living Bars Hot This Year

According to a famous planner named Calder Clark, living bars are hot this year and people are implementing this in their wedding decor. It is much trendy than those outmoded classic bars. Also, add cut foliage to make it look more stylish and fashionable. Setting up greenery and flowers around it can make this site photograph-worthy.

Potted Plants for Lining the Aisle

Brides love to place flower petals down the aisle or lining their aisle with candles or chandeliers. However, this is 2018 and it is going to be all about potted plants. Experts suggest covering the potted plants with pastel colored silk fabrics for a sophisticated touch. The potted plants can make your aisle look extremely beautiful and you would definitely love to walk over it on your big day.

Marble Dancefloors 

The time of checkerboard dancefloors is long gone. This year it is going to be marble dancefloors. If you want your guests to fully enjoy your wedding by dancing all night, you must replace the old boring white and black dance floor with solid marble dancefloor. It is not only going to match your bold colored theme but even going to make amazing aerial photos of the couple dancing on the floor. Thus, it is definitely going to be on the wish list of every couple in their wedding ceremony.

Dogwood Flower Bouquets

If the bride wants to look elegant, traditional, and intimate at the same time, she must carry a dogwood flower bouquet. Bridal bouquets have been colorful and lush for some time now, but wedding planners claimed that dogwood blooms will make a huge appearance in 2018. This simple white and green colored bridal bouquet is all you want to have to look elegant enough. Also, it is definitely going to match with your bridal dress and bold radiant theme. Instead of overdoing the wedding décor, balancing it with a simple soft colored bridal bouquet is a great idea.

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