20 Super Simple Ways to Cut the Costs of Your Wedding

Getting married is a rather expensive proposition in India. Understandably, majority of people get married once in lifetime and hence view this expense as justifiable. Yet, spending a mini fortune on wedding takes away money that a newly married couple could utilize for better purposes such as investing in a home or buying essentials for your household.

Therefore we look at 20 super simple ways to cut costs of your wedding.

Wedding & Money Management

Since weddings cost a lot, you may find yourself spending much more than actually required. Planning for a wedding requires excellent money management skills. You can learn a few money management skills by reading various articles online. Alternatively, request someone close like a relative or friend to plan your wedding within a specific budget.

Tricks & Tweaks for Saving Wedding Costs

1-     Plan in Advance

Planning your marriage well in advance gives you sufficient time to scout for cheaper requirements such as venue, catering and photography.

2-     Marry Off-Season

There is nothing called ‘marriage season’ rationally speaking. Hence, getting married during what is considered as ‘wedding season’ helps save costs considerably.

3-     Simple Religious Ceremony

If you intend to marry according to religious rites, keep the ceremony very simple. Invite only closest relatives.

4-     Civil Wedding

All weddings in India have to be registered in a civil court. Complete the registration formalities immediately after the wedding ceremony. This saves cost on expensive legal processes.

5-     Free or Cheap Venue

Shrines, gardens or rooftop of your building, school auditoriums are available free or for a very low price for weddings. Opt for these venues over expensive and popular ones.

6-     Limit Invitees

The common tendency is to invite scores of people. Instead, limit your invitees to relatives, close friends and colleagues.

7-     Simple Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are often a sheer waste. Many invitees do not attend the marriage while cards get dumped into trashcans after the event. Have simple invitation cards printed. Wherever possible, send invitations through email. Online invitation cards can be created free and emailed easily.

8-     Get RSVP

Request your invitees to confirm their attendance. This is vital for a caterer to quote a price. Also you can cut out hiring chairs and other paraphernalia for guests who will never come. Have a relative or friend call up invitees to confirm their attendance at the wedding.

9-     Hire Caterer

Some venues come with the rider that you have to use their designated cater. Shun such venues. Instead, find one that fits within your budget. You can get excellent local caterers if you ask around or search on the Internet.

10- Cut out Alcohol

Serving booze at a wedding event can cost a small fortune. People tend to drink more when offered free alcohol. It also leads to littering of the venue by drunken revelers and incurs additional expense on catering and clean-up.

11- Save on Food

In India, almost 30 to 50 percent food served at wedding events goes wasted. This occurs because caterers prepare more just in case a few extra guests arrive. Secondly, the number of dishes on offer makes it impossible to consume everything. Save on food by ordering just the right quantity of food required for guests and any extra attendees and by limiting the number of dishes served.

12- Host Single Event

Indian marriages consist of various events, depending upon your religion. The main events are the religious rites and a reception. Instead of inviting guests to two or more events, host a single reception. This saves a lot on costs incurred on venues and food.

13- Keep Event Short

A shorter event costs considerably lesser. This is because venues often charge on an hourly basis. Further, support staff you hire for the wedding also charge per hour. Hence, a shorter event entails lesser expenses.

14- Online Wedding Dresses

Thanks to boom of online shopping, you can buy excellent wedding dresses much cheaper online. Begin ordering well before the wedding so you can try and return them, if you do not like the dress or sized does not fit you.

15- Enlist Photography Students

Professional wedding photographers cost heavily. Instead, enlist the help of photography students from any institute near your place. They will charge lesser and provide more pictures. They will also have excellent cameras.

16- Online Wedding Pictures

Instead of printing your wedding pictures, create an online album on Pinterest, Google Image, Instagram and many others. You can also create a Facebook page for your wedding and post pictures. Other than saving cost on printing at least a hundred pictures and their copies, you can share instantly with friends and relatives worldwide.

17- Hire Buses Not Cars

Instead of hiring cars to ferry relatives from home to venue and back, rent a mini-bus or bus, depending upon the number of people. Buses cost much lesser and can carry more people simultaneously. Buses also add to the cheerfulness of the event since it allows people to mingle.

18- Save on Band

Music bands are not required for a short wedding reception. Further, the absence of a band helps invitees to socialize with one another rather than being distracted by loud music. Other than saving costs on a band, you also save money on renting equipment such as loudspeakers and amplifiers, among others.

19- Master of Ceremony

Appoint a relative or friend to function as the Master of Ceremony rather than enlisting services of a professional. If you keep a short wedding reception, the ubiquitous MC may not be required.

20- Inexpensive Return Gifts

One of the traditions of Indian weddings is to offer a return gift to invitees as they depart the venue. You can save costs by offering inexpensive return gifts such as a small bag with candy rather than expensive stuff.

In Conclusion

A lot of expense during Indian weddings occurs because the bride, groom or their relatives falsely believe that splurging is prestigious. They wish to avoid being ridiculed or castigated for hosting a simple wedding. It is worth remembering that money you splurge on a wedding can be better utilized for future of the newly married couple. It can be invested for a secure future or to buy assets required to start a new life together. Use your money management skills to save cost on your wedding. Plus you can request a relative or friend with great money management skills to plan for you.

Nowadays, a lot of ethnic groups and religious communities conduct mass weddings. Surprisingly, a large number of people that opt for mass wedding, are from affluent families. This is because they do not believe in frivolous expenses on grandiose ceremonies that serve no purpose- either to the married couple or guests.