15 Explanation on why wedding planners is important

Each of us somewhere dreams of a fairytale wedding with the love of our life. Indian weddings are known for their show and glamour and in today’s world; people are outdoing themselves with wedding plans and themes. Both the the bride, groom and their families deserve to enjoy this one time event of their life and thus the role of wedding planner becomes extremely important. Your dream team can take care of each and every detail so that the couple can have the time of their life.


How to select your dream team?

These days most of the planners are present online. One can check out the various websites which include the details of the weddings organized by them. They consist of the wedding pictures, videos, and insights into the venue, outfits, mehendi artists and décor. There is a complete checklist, detailed list of all the vendors to choose from. One can get inspiration from the various wedding blogs on the latest styles etc. One can choose a planner which fits into their budget requirements perfectly. The couple along with the families can then fix a meeting with their team and tell them how they visualise their wedding to be. The event managers can then take over from there and keep them updated so on and so forth.One name that has always lived up to the expectations is Shaadidukaan. It is a one stop shop for everything related to the wedding. Here one can find reliable services at best prices.There are three easy steps in every planning-

  1. Idea/concept

Both side need of have a basic idea of how the weddings going to be. People these days have out of the box ideas to celebrate their big day. From the big fat seven days affair to a small private ceremony there is no limit to the ways in which one can celebrate this occasion. Present your idea to them and be rest assured of the best results.

  1. Planning

Once the concept is clear the planning and bookings are started. Care is taken to accommodate everything in the budget and in the way it was planned to be.

  1. Execution/success

Accurate planning and crafting will lead to a gala and successful affair.

Why do you need a planner?

In today’s fast paced world nobody has time to go into detailed and systematic planning. People want to and can afford to comejust two days before the big day. Thus,the whole two or three day affair needs of be planned before hand with all the shopping and bookings. In all these things, you can receive the help of experts who are well aware of all the arrangements and take best care of the event. A planner can take care of the following so that you can enjoy the wedding without any type of worries.

  • Invitations: Announce your big day to all your friends and familywith warm and personalised cards and gift boxes. Your wedding planner can customise your card in the best way you want. You can provide them with your budget and then they arrange for all the things accordingly. They are also aware of latest trends and patterns followed for sending invitations. So, the team of wedding planner can help in sending invitations.
  • Mehendi designs: Get ideasranging from traditional to funky design to adorn your hands and feet. Even if you wantthe whole wedding story to be designed in your hands with the name of your groom,your planner will make sure to turn your imagination into reality. They are aware of the best mehendi designers and can suggest the best one for your event.
  • Bridal wear: Get the most gorgeous and fabulously designed Lehengas, shararas, suits, gowns at your pre decided price for the various functions and ceremonies without having to roam-around the streets for them.This holds special importance as well as the bride aspires to look her best on her wedding day.
  • Groom wear: Deck up as a Prince Charming for your lady in sherwani, suit, kurtas and band galas. The wedding planner will also arrange the matching accessories to make you look your dapper best.
  • Food and drinks: Food is the most important section in wedding. All the guests look forward to the variety of good food. So make a happy feast for all your loved ones. Your planner can bring the traditional as well as cuisines from the entire world as per your choice.Food leaves lasting impression on the guests as this is something that they remember for long. So the best cuisines can help make your event a grand success.
  • Entertainment: The wedding planner can organise fun events like games, music, dance and dramas for your guests to mingle and have fun. All the small events will not only add spark to your wedding but will also give all the family members and friends to come together and do some activity and in a way contribute to your wedding.
  • Décor: Colour and design your stage, furniture, entrance and mandaps in the most beautiful way everyone can adorn. Wedding planner will turn your random ideas into reality and will dress up your venues with themes and styles you want.
  • Photography: From candid to movie shooting your wedding planner can capture all your favourite and memorable moments in the way you want. Even before the wedding, your planner can start with your photography and make a video of your love story that you can cherish forever.
  • Pre wedding: Get the most amazing ideas and venues to make your pre wedding shoot a memorable affair.
  • Jewellery: It is the favourite part of every bride that completes her look.Wedding planner can turn simple attire into a best outfit by adding perfect piece of jewellery. From expensive to affordable options of jewellery your wedding planner can set everything right. Adorning you with flowers and making you wear heaving princess jewellery your planner will give you the best look that can turn you into the most beautiful bride.
  • Beauty and hair: Remember the beautiful look you dreamt of for your special day! Now your planner can arrange any and every look from natural, traditional, bold and glamorous to match your expectations easily.
  • Accessories and footwear: Your planner will arrangethe most comfortable and gorgeous looking pair of shoes for the bride and groom to step in style. Complete your look with the adornments of your choice.
  • Trousseau: Choose from an array of options. Make your trousseau a combination of traditional, modern or mix and match of both to suit all the occasions that follow after the wedding.
  • Travel: Places you wish to go with your bridesmaids before the wedding and deciding your dream destination for your honeymoon your wedding planner will make all your travel plans and arrangements a cake walk.
  • Venue: From lush green lawns to farm houses and pool sides your planner will arrange it all. From a simple wedding to a wedding at your dream destination your wedding planner will book and coordinate everything.
  • Gifts: Arrange thoughtful and memorable gifts for the special ones in your life to mark the celebration.
  • Cakes: Let your wedding organisers make your dessert dreams come true with traditional, cute or a completely customised cake.

Conclusion: It is therefore clear that hiring a wedding planner can make arranging such a big event extremely easy. All you have to do is decide the best wedding planner for the event and rest will be taken care of by them. They will plan and organize the complete event as per your specifications and will make your dream of perfect wedding event come true.

Shaadidukaan has been in the wedding planning industry for the longest time and has won millions of hearts through their perfect planning and execution. You don’t have to worry about your budget before approaching them as they will make sure that everything follows your budget. Apart from all the points mentioned above, there are many more arrangements which need to be done. One really can’t afford to go running around for everything and making sure that everything is on track.

Thus the need for an event planner is urgent and crucial for a stress free celebration. They won’t just plan but give you all the necessary advice and ideas which you just can’t afford to miss. select your team you can be sure that the stressful part is over and now everything will be executed according to your preference and taste. So just sit back, relax, pamper yourself and wait for the celebration to begin.

Hiring a wedding planner is no more a luxury which one cannot afford. So, get rid of all the worries of arrangements for the wedding. Take the services of wedding planners in jaipur and enjoy the wedding.

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