If you don’t know what a wedding gift registry is, you’ve probably been living under a rock this past year. Well, to explain it in simple terms a gift registry is one that will help couples receive the gift they want at their wedding. Basically, a registry allows the couple to create a list of the gifts they would like to receive on their big day, and guests can buy or contribute towards anything on this list.


The wedding gift registry has been a norm in the West for decades, and understandably so. It’s practical and waste-free for the couples and stress-free and hands-free for the guests. However, its recent popularity in India stems from its relevance to millennials, a generation that does not believe in waste, and neither like to hoard. With couples like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra joining the bandwagon it seems like a much more easier choice to make with regard to the question of getting a gift registry.

Here’s how these amazing advantages and a lot of celebrity validation has helped the soaring popularity of the wedding gift registry in India.

#1 It’s what the stars did!

Just like I mentioned in my point above, celebrities are one of the biggest reasons. While Deepika chose to not accept gifts but take donations towards her Live Love Laugh Foundation, Priyanka created one with Amazon. Celebrities like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choosing to have one did not hurt the popularity of this trend either!

#2 Guests absolutely LOVE it!

The greatest proponents of a wedding gift registry are wedding guests and with good reason. It takes a huge load off them as they don’t have to guess what the couple would want. They can contribute any amount they like towards a gift registry, making it easy for them to stay within their budget. They also don’t have to carry a box around waiting to give them off to the bride.  And most importantly, they don’t have to keep looking a suitable gift. Everything happens just with the click of a button.

#3 Saves the couple a lot of money

Weddings are expensive. Creating a gift registry lowers the costs to a certain degree. How? You ask. If you are setting up a new home, it saves the cost of getting homeware. If you’re a traveler you get money on your honeymoon fund.

#4 It’s the responsible thing to do!

Couples somehow end up setting an example with their wedding. If they have a big fat Indian wedding, the guests want to have a big fat Indian wedding for their sons and daughters. If they have a zero waste wedding they want to join the bandwagon for that. Same is the case with a wedding gift registry. If the couple decided to do it, it becomes a trend in their circle.

#5 It’s so much fun

How can something like this not become popular? Can you imagine the joy of being able to make a list of absolutely everything you want and actually get it? It’s like a lifetime of Christmases rolled into one! Couples can go to any online site in India, pick anything they like, and actually have it gifted to them. There’s nothing about it that shouldn’t be loved.

#6 The variety of gifts is mind boggling

If you are moving to a new house, there is homeware. If you are traveling, there are travel packages that could be gifted. If you are boring and just want to save up then there is a cash registry. And if you are confused then you can add just about anything on the registry. The choices are endless.

#7 It comes with a website!

Indian registry brands like Wedding Wishlist offer an exclusive free service called the Wedding Website, where newlyweds can share snippets of their love story in an elegant customized webpage; with the best part being it allows them to incorporate their gift registry in it. So not only do you get the best gift ever, you get to create a customized website for your wedding with all the details you want to share with guests.

#8 It’s free!

Let’s be honest. In India, we love all things free. A wedding gift registry is not just that but also extremely useful for the couple and their guests, making it a popular trend by default.

#9 You get your gifts delivered to your doorstep

There is so much logistics involved at a wedding. First, the guests bring big boxes of gifts. Then you need a place to store them during the wedding. Then you need to safely carry it home. Then yuu have to store them all in a cupboard or if you’re going to use it then you spend time putting it back in its right place.

#10 Group Gifting & Contributions made easy

Wedding gift registries make the process of group gifting so easy! Very often, individuals don’t have enough of a budget to get something meaningful for the couple. This is especially true for colleagues and distant associates. With a registry, guests can contribute any amount towards a gift, thereby making a real difference with their money. Also, groups of friends or cousins can get together and gift the couple something by splitting an expensive item between them.

To create a free wedding gift registry, log on to www.weddingwishlist.com now!