10 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planners and Decorators

Nowadays, the trend of hiring professional planners to plan a wedding is catching up fast. People have come to realise the important role these professionals can play in turning their dream wedding plans into a reality. Well, hiring a wedding planner is one of the first decisions you will most likely make in the process leading towards your wedding.

So, let us help you out in your decision of selecting the best planner for your wedding. Here is a list of few questions that you must ask wedding planners before finalizing one.

1. Why should I hire you?


This is one of the most important questions, just like a job interview. This will tell you what your shortlisted planner is really all about. It will tell you about their strengths and USPs. It will also give you an insight into their work and experience.

2. How do you charge?


This is a very important question as different planners operate in different ways. Some operate on a fixed fee basis; while others may choose to charge a percentage of your total spending. It is important to be upfront as you will understand how much of your budget will be allocated towards your planner. Also, this will save you from all financial hassles after the wedding is over.

3. Can you work with my budget?


Do not hold back on asking this question; especially if you have a tight budget. A planner will actually be happy with this question as then, the budget will be discussed upfront and there will be no surprises left for later on.



This way you will also get a clear insight as to why hiring a professional can be great for your wedding. Budget planning is something that professionals can handle best.

4. What areas of my wedding can you help me with?

A complete range of wedding planning services include so many things like venue selection, décor, entertainment, Belly Dance, logistics, trousseau shopping and packing, hair and makeup, photography, videography, and more. Some wedding planners take care of certain areas and some may handle all. It is important for you to find out that your planner will be able to handle all those areas where you might require their help. Also, this will give you further insight into the budget allocation of your wedding.

5. Can I see your portfolio?

Although you may have attended weddings planned by the vendors shortlisted by you or even received recommendations from others, still it is very important to view your planner’s portfolio. This will give you a feel of the work done by your planner across different themes and budgets.


This is very important as a good wedding planner would have a diverse portfolio, which means he or she is able to work towards any requirement.


6. If you are not based in the same city as your planner– how will you keep in touch with me?

Some planners may opt for email communication only. Others may prefer to keep in regular touch through phone calls or video chats. This is important for you to find out.


As a client, you have to be comfortable with the mode of communication being used. It is because this is how you will hear from your planner on all the wedding updates.

7. If you are in the same city- how often will we meet?

If you are in the same city, it is important to know- how often you will meet with your planner. Some planners have been known to put down certain restrictions on the number of hours included in their contract. They even charge extra for every hour you spend with them apart from those scheduled hours. So, it is best to ask these questions upfront.


8. What is the average size of the weddings you plan?

You need to know if your planner can handle your wedding gathering (number of people), especially if it is an extremely large number. Indian weddings are usually a big fiesta with large gatherings, so it is best to know the size of gathering your planner can handle.


9. Do you operate on your own or do you have a team/office?

Many wedding planners work from home on their own while others operate from an office with a team. If a planner works on their own, find out if he or she can handle all the little details that keep popping up, especially on the day of the wedding. Make sure you know inside out about his or her expertise before you sign the contract.


10. Will you be present on the day?


Some planners may allocate members of their team to be present with you on your wedding day, but your main wedding planner may not be there. It is a good idea to discuss this right now because you might not like the surprise of finding your wedding planner absent from your wedding. So, do find out beforehand whether your main wedding planner will be present in person on your wedding day or not.

Every wedding planner operates in a different manner, and has his or her on way of making a wedding special. So, just spend some time with your chosen planner and ask all these important questions, in order to make your wedding a picture-perfect affair.




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