Wedding Trousseau Packing in Delhi

Trousseau is a french word which means "little bundle". In a wedding trousseau signifies that when a women steps’ in her new house, she gets her belongings in a little decorative bundle along with her. Trousseau can be of the clothes, jeweleries, make-up items and accessories like shoes and handbags. With changing time, the significance of trousseau remains the same however it is the pattern that has changed, i. E. It is not only for the bride’s stuff however Trousseau Packing is now done for the groom’s family and relatives as gifts from the bride’s family and vice versa. These gifts are ceremoniously given away a few days before the marriage. The tradition in india is to give away stuff that the new couple would need as part of their life together. The items may include a car, jeweleries, bed, dressing table, clothes, handbags, saree etc. Trousseau has an emotional value for the bride as it is prepared with lots of sentiments for her new life.

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